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Workforce Forecasts

The BTS is the primary source of workforce forecasts at the small area (travel zone) level for the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA). This area includes the Sydney Greater Capital City Statistical Area, and the Illawarra and Hunter regions.

The BTS Workforce Forecasts refer to usual residents of the GMA aged 15 years and over who are employed. They are estimates of employed people based on where they reside. BTS also produces Employment Forecasts based on the workplace or job location. They refer to persons aged 15 years and over working in the GMA regardless of their place of usual residence. The majority of the persons employed in the GMA also reside in the GMA.

The latest September 2014 Release BTS Workforce Forecasts provide forecasts for the 2,949 travel zones in the GMA. The forecasts in this release are five-yearly, from 2011 to 2041.

Factors considered in the estimation of workforce forecasts include: population by age and gender; participation rates; unemployment rates; historical labour force data; past trends of employment in each industry and the forecasted impacts of industry growth or decline in each region.

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Travel Zone Explorer

Search for travel zones (TZ) by suburb, postcode or TZ number. You can select one or more travel zones and find out the current and future population, employment and workforce numbers for that area. TZs are the smallest standard geography used for a number of transport datasets.

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Landuse Planner

Have a detailed look at population, employment and workforce forecasts by Local Government Area (LGA) or Travel Zone (TZ). Produce interactive thematic maps by choosing your population group of interest.

Note: These tools currently feature the August 2012 Release Forecasts. These are being updated to the September 2014 Release Forecasts.