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The data featured here are patronage statistics for all intrastate air services that fly to and from Sydney, to and from another location within New South Wales. This data is collected quarterly under the Air Transport Regulation 2006.

The patronage data dates back to 1996/97.

Note: Datasets are being progressively moved to the Open Data Hub. Please access NSW Intrastate Regional Aviation Statistics from this new site.

Dataset name

NSW Intrastate Regional Aviation Statistics

Data owner

Transport Services Policy, Transport for NSW


This dataset contains patronage statistics for all intrastate air services to and from Sydney airport.

Operator Coverage


Geographic coverage

NSW Regions

Geographic Coverage

Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA) up to 1996, all of NSW from 2001


Counts of passengers per route

Date range

September 1996 - to current


Quarterly, approximately 6 weeks after each FY quarter

Dimensions for analysis

Time: Quarter and year
Route: To/from
Routes: Regulated and derugulated

Data quality/Caution


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Supporting documentation

Please refer to additional Technical Documentation for more information: NSW Aviation Statistics V1.0

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NSW Intrastate Aviation

Patronage statistics for NSW intrastate air services.