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The HTS Viz and HTS Highlights Storyboard for 2014-15.

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ATRF 2016

Transport for NSW is a regular supporter of the Australasian Transport Research Forum which will be held in Melbourne in November this year. Register now.

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NSW Intrastate Aviation

Visualise patronage statistics for all intrastate air services that fly to and from Sydney, to and from another location within New South Wales.

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Walking in Sydney

How does walking compare to other modes? What are the trends in the last decade? Which groups of people walk more? Find out more about walking in Sydney.

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Find datasets from this single location, together with data documentation and publications which are classified by dataset for easy access. All information is free and downloadable. Check it out now.


Introducing the new TPA

As part of TfNSW’s commitment to be more accessible to our customers, we are moving to www.transport.nsw.gov.au. In the future when you access this web page, you will be redirected to the new site.

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Image of mobile phone displaying transport facts Transport Facts

  • Take a look at our new transport facts dashboard - now optimised for mobile devices. Now you can have important top level transport statistics at your fingertips – literally! Simply add the tool to your home screen when viewing from your Smartphone or tablet. 

Information for survey respondents

  • Have you been selected to participate in our Sydney Household Travel Survey (HTS)? Find out more about this survey.

Household Travel Survey