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Census of Population and Housing

Data contained in this section are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census of Population and Housing. The Census is conducted every five years and the most recent one was on 9 August 2011. The Census is the most comprehensive source of information about the Australian population, as it provides a snapshot of all people and dwellings in Australia on Census day. Please visit the Census page in the ABS website for more details.

Included in this section are statistical summaries for residents and workers in all Local Government Areas (LGAs) of New South Wales for the 2011 Census. These data may be accessed as spreadsheets or through interactive visualisations.

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Census Profiler 

These visualisations feature key transport indicators, employment data, and socio-demographic information for all Local Government Areas (LGA) in New South Wales from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2011 Census of Population and Housing.